For Inktober 2019, I wanted to create 31 drawings of dogs. Mainly because I had just adopted one of my own - a naughty, little bugger named Roku who brightens up every single day. He is an Indie, or an Indian Pariah Dog. Indies get overlooked by potential pet parents here in India who, more often than not, decide to buy breeds. One of the main reasons I have heard is that Indies are not cute-looking or won't respond to training. However, Indies are hardy, made for India's climate and have unending love to give their humans, just like any other dog.​​​​​​​ They make excellent guard dogs and are very intelligent so, they can pick up commands very quickly!
I wanted to capture the truly unique and beautiful nature of these Indies in my drawings and hopefully inspire others to look at them in a different and more positive light. I am all in favour of adopting a dog. And if you can open your home to a wonderful creature, why not make it an Indie?  #adoptdontshop
The entire series was later made into a poster which was sold to raise funds for BMAD, a local animal shelter that provides spaying and neutering surgeries for Indie dogs in Chennai. 
For the last day of Inktober 2019, I decided to make my Indie a Halloween themed one. It was also the only one I decided to ink digitally. This lil' 800 lbs hellhound was my pride and joy - I loved how he turned out!
Above: The Indie Inktober poster that was sold to raise funds for BMAD. The campaign was a successful one with enough money raised to sponsor ten spaying/neutering surgeries :)
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